Work Options

Work Life Balance

The Authority offers a number of flexible work options which compliment todays employee’s lifestyles.

Flexible Working 

A flexible system of working hours that allows each employee to vary the time they work each day. Within the following bandwidth:
Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Reduced hours

Working less than a full time schedule of 37 hours per week – with a corresponding reduction in pay and benefits.

Term-time working

Working your annual hours during school or college term times only. This might naturally, but not exclusively, suit employees with children in education.

Job sharing 

Two (or more) individuals sharing the duties of a full time person with a corresponding adjustment to pay and benefits. Job share partners must carry comparable responsibilities if the band of each person is to be maintained.

Compressed hours 

Working a full week in fewer than 5 days. If you use this option, you must ensure your health and safety is not compromised by working long hours without adequate breaks, or by working alone in potentially dangerous situations.


Family Friendly Policies

The Authority provides ‘Family Friendly ‘policies for individuals who need a period of absence to care for their new baby or newly adopted child.

Maternity –

allows pregnant female staff to have a paid period of absence to cover the birth and early care of their baby.

Paternity –

allows staff to have a period of two weeks paid leave in connection with the birth of a child for whom they have responsibility.

Partner –

allows the partner of a woman who has given birth; the partner of an individual adopting or one partner of a couple jointly adopting, to have a period of absence to cover the early care of their new child.  To be entitled to this leave they must be the main carer for the child during this period of absence and their partner must not be taking a period of maternity leave at the same time.

Adoption –

allows an adoptive parent, or one partner of a couple if both partners are jointly adopting, to have a period of absence for the early care of a newly matched child. 

Parental –

allows employees to take unpaid leave to look after or make arrangements for the welfare or care of their child.

Career Break Scheme and Sabbatical Leave –

enables the Authority to retain its skilled employees who may require an extended period of leave for a particular reason, whom otherwise might be left with no option other than to terminate their employment. The schemes also allow the Authority to protect its investment in the development of the employee.  It also benefits the employee in allowing them to preserve their current employment status at the time of taking the break and return on the same terms and conditions.

There are two schemes available:

Sabbatical Leave: maximum 12 months unpaid leave

Career Break Scheme: minimum 12 months to maximum 3 years unpaid leave


Compassionate Leave

Allows managers to give paid, as well as unpaid leave for situations affecting dependants and family for compassionate reasons as well as emergencies.