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Landscape Character Assessment

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Management Plan 2010-2015 Supporting Documents

The following processes were used to assess the Plan’s policies against a suite of sustainability and environmental objectives.  Similarly Management Plan policies have been scrutinised  for their significant likely effects on European protected sites in and around the National Park.

These documents and early consultation documents can be found on this webpage.

2010 Sustainability Statement

The Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment regulations require that a statement be made available to accompany the adopted plan or programme. This statement must contain information on:

  • How sustainable and enviromental considerations have been intergrated into the plan or programme;
  • How the Sustainability Appraisal Report has been taken into account;
  • How opinions expressed in relation to the consultation have been taken into account;
  • Reasons for choosing the Plan as adopted, in light of the other reasonable alternatives dealt with; and
  • Measures that are to be taken to monitor the significant environmental effects of the implementation of the Plan.

Sustainability Statement

Habitat Regulation Assessment (HRA)

Sustainability Appraisal (SA) Report

2007 Scoping Report

The October 2007 Scoping Report contains relevant time tables concerning the completion of the Management Plan and the associated sustainability and environmental assessments.

2006 Consultation Workshops

The formal consultation process for the NPMP commenced with Stakeholder Workshops held in October 2006 over 3 days.  Each of the days covered the National Parks Purposes and Duty.  The Full Report of the whole Stakeholder event can be downloaded as PDF (see link at bottom of the page).

Alternatively, individual reports of each the 3 Workshops may be downloaded separately

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