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Illegal off-roading

Planning enforcement complaint

Access and Rights of Way

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we have adapted our approach to maintaining the rights of way network to ensure that we safeguard our workforce and minimise the spread of the virus. Our work programmes have not been significantly affected by the requirements to socially distance thanks to the commitment of our team to find solutions and adapt to new ways of working.
However, the rights of way network has seen a significant increase in use during the crisis and the volume of enquiries has increased dramatically. As a result, there is likely to be some delay in the investigation, assessment and response to reports. Urgent safety-related reports and works will be prioritised above others in order that we can focus on keeping the network safe.

Anti social activity:

Make a complaint about the Authority

If your complaint relates to an issue other than those above, it is likely to be the responsibility of your local authority, county council or other public service.