National Park looking at new ways to manage events

a meeting held last month, the Bannau Brycheiniog Local Access Forum (LAF) spoke to
the Park Authority about the impact that some events are having on local
residents and protected sites. 

Forum, whose independent members are appointed to represent park users and
land owners, has previously heard concerns from residents about the lack of
regulation of large events sometimes with little or no warning to local
residents or to the National Park Authority.

of the LAF, Mike Scott Archer said: “Our members have raised concerns from
local residents, particularly those from the Vale of Grwyney area, about the
increasing number of events taking place across the National Park.

is limited publicity to local residents on what is taking place and on one
occasion a cycling event was held on the same day as the Llanthony Show and
caused traffic problems on the narrow lanes.  If these events continue to
increase then there needs to be a policy in place allowing residents to find
out what is happening.” 

Atkins, Director of Countryside and Land Management for Bannau Brycheiniog National
Park Authority said:  “With 14 per cent of land within the National Park
under our ownership, it’s appropriate that we respond to the concerns raised by
piloting a process to manage and publicise the number of events that take place
on our land.

have heard concerns about the number of walking, running, riding and cycling
events held in the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park and we are looking to address
these issues in the coming months.

hope that once we have agreed a blueprint, we can work with other large
landowners in the National Park Authority including National Trust Wales and
Natural Resources Wales to encourage them to adopt it.  We hope that the
Local Access Forum will help us design the policy and encourage other
landowners to work with us.” 

Ball, Countryside and Access Projects Officer for Bannau Brycheiniog National Park
Authority said:  “Dozens of races and challenges are held in the National
Park every year attracting large numbers of walkers, runners, cyclists and
horse riders – and they often have an impact on local residents.   We
also understand that many of these events raise thousands of pounds for
worthwhile local and national charities but we do need to put steps in place to
appropriately manage the number of events that take place and in what areas by
working with other private land owners, graziers associations and communities.

are many other things to consider as well as the impact on local residents
including the impact of hundreds of walkers or runners in some of our more
sensitive sites.  Footfall erosion is still a massive concern for us and
repairing footpaths is one of our biggest challenges in the Countryside and Land
Management Directorate.” 

Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Local Access Forum is a statutory body which
advises the National Park Authority on how to improve public access for
recreation and enjoyment, taking into account land management and conservation.


The National Park Authority’s Local Access Forum is
made up of members who all live within the park and represent land owners,
farmers, conservationists, walkers, cyclists, water users and horse

Anyone with any concerns about access within the
park can contact the National Park Access Officer Richard ball at