Be eco-inspired at the Bannau Brycheiniog Green Fair

With a special opening launch from the Minister for the Environment, Sustainability and Housing, Jane Davidson AM, the Green Fair promises to be an action packed day – bringing together a huge range of green businesses under one marquee outside Brecon Market Hall in The Struet, Brecon from 10am – 4pm on Saturday 2nd October. 

Environment Minister Jane Davidson said: “I am delighted to open the Green Fair, which will help visitors to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and give them ideas of how to live more sustainably. Making homes more fuel efficient is a win-win situation for everybody involved. Home owners will reduce their energy bills at the same time as making their homes warmer, which is an important element of the fight against fuel poverty. Reducing the amount of energy we use is also a vital component of our fight against climate change and events like the Green Fair are at the forefront of informing people of how they can make small changes that can make a big difference.”
With funding support from the Welsh Assembly Government Capital Grant, the Green Fair will showcase a range of innovative, energy efficient products and services to promote the use of renewable energy at a local level.  Practical advice will be available on choosing and installing renewable energy systems and there will individuals and community groups from around the National park giving firsthand knowledge of how to install renewable energy systems and how to organise community energy projects.  

Whether you are involved in a new build or you’re interested in greening up your existing home, our exhibitors and speakers will solutions of future proofing against ever-increasing energy costs.  Locally based green suppliers will be showcasing their products for anyone looking to make greener living choices and impartial expert advisors will be on hand to give you tips on the best renewable energy choices for you.
Browse the great range of green crafts and goodies made from recycled materials and eco-friendly products, alongside fair trade, organic and locally produced food and crafts at the Bannau Brycheiniog Food Festival in Market Hall, which is being held on the same day.

Sustainable Communities Officer for Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority, Jemma Bere said:   “In a time of ever-increasing energy prices and with widespread concern over environmental issues, increasing numbers of householders, businesses and other community organisations are looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption and make greener choices.

“Not only will tourism businesses operating throughout the National Park and surrounding areas have the opportunity to establish contacts and source green products but the event is also a ‘must’ for all those businesses and householders interested in making greener purchases, supporting sustainable, local enterprise and reducing their carbon footprint.”
Mrs Margaret Underwood, Member and Biodiversity and Climate Change Champion for Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority said:  “As Members of this Authority, we are committed to actions that not only reduce the CO2 impact of the Authority but to finding ways to help everyone within the Park to tackle challenging issues like climate change and how we can make appropriate steps to mitigate its effects. This event couldn’t be more appropriate to show the general public the steps they can take to not only reduce their carbon footprint but in doing so help protect the remarkable wildlife and biodiversity we have within the Park. 

“Visitors to the event will have a wonderful opportunity to find out more about the vital role they play in saving energy and reducing carbon in their everyday lives and to ask those important questions about how they too can encourage others in their communities to become greener in their own homes and gardens.

“On a more personal note, I have attended the Green Fair for the last two years fair last year and as a direct result of the advice received have been able to reduce the amount of energy we use as a household – and save money into the bargain. We all have a vital part to play to help mitigate and adapt to climate change so I hope that the residents and visitors to the Park take home ideas on how they can improve their sustainability and enjoy what’s on offer at the Green Fair.”

So, if you’re worried about rising energy costs, want to learn more about renewable energy options, or if you’re looking to make your business greener, then the Bannau Brycheiniog Green Fair is the place for you! For more information please contact Jemma Bere on 01874 620 471 or email


Pictures:  Copyright of Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority


1. For more information contact Jemma Bere on 01874 620 471 or email 
2. For further information on the Food Festival held in the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park please contact Andrew Powell on 01874 624 979 or email