Internal Review Committee

The Audit and Scrutiny Committee was established by the National Park Authority on 26 June 2009. It replaces the former Internal Review Committee and the new terms of reference reflect suggestions from the Wales Audit Office in the last year. The new committee will hold members and officers accountable for implementing decisions and improving performance. The committee will carry out all audit work formerly done by the Internal Review Committee but will also develop a scrutiny role.

Nine members sit on the Audit and Scrutiny Committee, which meets six times a year.

The committee is responsible for:


Receives reports and notes progress on the Statement of Internal Control, Strategic Grant Letter, Risk Register and financial systems, including budget monitoring;

Approves a programme of internal audit, receives all internal and external audit reports and seeks assurances from senior management on corporate governance issues;


Reviews performance and makes recommendations to the Authority to drive future performance;

Ensures that appropriate public and customer feedback is used to scrutinise the performance of the Authority in service delivery;

Agrees methodology for scrutiny reviews as determined by the Authority;

Monitors progress on committee decisions

Members of the public are welcome to attend these meetings (subject to any information exempt under Schedule 12A Local Government Act 1972 – Exemption from disclosure of documents), and you can apply to speak under the Authority’s Public Speaking Scheme (Public Speaking Form)

You can follow this link to see the papers for each meeting listed against the relevant date:

Committee Timetable

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