Protection of tree and hedgerow wildlife

While specific trees and hedgerows may be unprotected through either TPOs or the Hedgerow Regulations, they might still be important to wildlife, some species of which might also be protected.

Even if there are no plans to remove or prune trees and hedgerows, they can be damaged during the development process in a number of ways such as;

  • Pruning branches or removing sections of hedge to allow access for construction machinery;
  • Digging through roots for either foundations or services;
  • Stacking or storage of heavy materials against the tree or hedge can crush roots and starve them of water;

Measures to protect trees and hedges during construction should be included as part of the planning application. The National Park Authority may impose such measures as planning conditions.

In addition to protection of trees and hedges, some protected species may need to be considered. Protected species likely to be affected are:





Great crested newts

The Forestry Commission has produced guidance to help woodland managers comply with European Protected Species legislation.