Planning Portal

Planning Portal Home Page
The Planning Portal offers a wide range of services and guidance on the
planning system. This is the main entry page into the portal. From here
you check if you need to apply for planning permission for a
development, find jobs in planning in the Careers zone, find out more
about planning appeals, and read the latest planning news.

Guide to the Planning System
The Guide section offers a brief introduction to the planning system
and some explanation of what planning is for and why it is important to
us all. This section of the Planning Portal is intended for both
householders and business people. It explains why planning controls are
necessary and how decisions are made.

On-line planning application
An alternative route to submitting your planning application to us
electronically, rather than using the forms on this site and e-mailing
them to us. In this area you can: create a planning application and
send it electronically to the Authority along with any attachments, or
complete the forms on your computer then print and send them by post as
part of a traditional paper application.

If you seek permission to carry out works to your property and your
application is not decided within a set period, or you get a decision
from the Authority that you disagree with, you have a right to appeal.
This section will provide guidance on how to make an appeal, and also
searchable list of appeals currently submitted with associated
documentation attached online.

Policy and Research
The Policy & Research section of the Portal is aimed at planning
professionals and those with an in-depth interest in planning policy
and reform.