Householder Permitted Development Rights

If you are proposing to carry out works to your home, such as an extension, a domestic garage, the insertion of a roof light etc, these alterations may require a householder planning application. Not all types of development require planning permission, these types of works may be carried out under your ‘Permitted Development Rights’.

The Permitted Development Rights may be removed from your property by a previous planning application. If this is the case a householder planning application will need to be submitted for any alterations and additions to your property.

The Welsh Government has prepared guidance to help you to understand whether planning permission is required or not for any development you may be considering. This guidance can be found here (refer to the protected areas section of the guidebook, which is the part which applies to development in a National Park):

Welsh Government Planning Guidance for householders is also available at:-  Planning permission: permitted development rights for householders | GOV.WALES

Further advice can also be sought from Planning Aid Wales at:-  Planning Advice – Planning Aid Wales

If you would like to know whether planning permission is required for a proposed development, you should formally apply for a Certificate of Lawful Proposed Development for which we have a statutory obligation to provide a decision within 8 weeks.

Alternatively pre-application advice can be sought. For more information please see: 

Requests for planning application forms and simple routine queries can still be obtained by calling the Planning Services Helpdesk on 01874 624437 or emailing