Upland Path Erosion

The Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority has completed a number of upland path repair projects over the past 10 years designed to minimise erosion to upland paths.

In 2006, the National Park Authority carried out a condition survey of 155 kilometres of mountain paths throughout the National Park.  The aim of the survey was to collect impartial information about path condition on which to base an Upland Erosion Strategy.  This Strategy has been designed to inform the work of the National Park Authority and partner organisations in managing upland erosion.

Copies of the draft Upland Erosion Strategy can be downloaded as a .pdf file.  The whole document, including maps, is a very large file (28.7MB) and may not be suitable for some people to download.  The document has therefore be separated into several smaller files, the first of which contains the text only (2.7MB) and the other files are .pdf copies of each individual map as featured in the document.

If you have any queries regarding upland path erosion or this draft Strategy, please contact the Access Officer, Richard Ball.

Draft Upland Erosion Strategy (Complete document) 28.7MB

Draft Upland Erosion Strategy (without maps – 2.74MB)